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Summer Rates

Inside Storage with In & Out Service – May 15th to October 15th
We launch your boat and pull it out when you're done boating. Your boat is kept inside. Boat must be on a trailer.

Up to 20 foot boat.....$1600
21 to 22 foot boat......$1700
23 to 24 foot boat......$1800
25 to 26 foot boat......$2000
Outside Storage, you launch with your vehicle.
Free use of launch ramp

20 feet and under......$700
20 to 24 foot boat......$800
Over 24 foot boat......$900

Add $400 for In & Out Service
Outside Boat Trailer Storage
During the boating season.....$175

Prices includes 1 launch per day. If there are additional owners, add $300 for each additional owner/family using the boat.
Launch Ramp Fee $20 per use.
Launch Ramp Season Pass $200.
If we launch and pull out $25.