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History on Forbes Farm along the Fox River
by Jim Forbes

In 1836, my great, great Grandfather, Corneillous Behan, received 640 square acres (1 square mile) from the U.S. Government for one dollar. Now, after seven generations, I have 60 acres of what is one of the most beautiful pieces of property on the Fox River.

Corneillous drowned while leading a team of horses across the Fox River. A young colt got caught in the reins and was pulled under the water. Corneillous tried to save the colt, but got pulled under also and lost his life.

Corneillous had a son, Hippoleatus Behan, who built boats on the Forbes farm in the late 1800’s. Hippoleatus built boats mainly for duck hunting, and built a boat for himself called “The Bonnie Boat”. It had a small inboard motor with a prop shaft and rudder. His daughter, Anne, married John Forbes of Lake Zurich. John owned a saloon in the town, and shortly after marrying moved to the farm.


The Bonnie Boat

The land was handed down to my father, Thomas Forbes, and after all the generations, the land was split up and some sections sold to pay taxes during the great depression. My father had 120 acres that he left to my sister and me. My sister died in 1996, then soon after, the McHenry County Conservation District got news of her death and acquired her 60 acres of land against my will.

In 1976, I was working at a Ford dealership as a mechanic and racing cars in my spare time. My brother bought Kazimour’s Marina in Barrington and renamed it Port Barrington. He asked me to run the marina, so I accepted and called my business Port Barrington Marina.

I ran my business there until 1995, when my brother sold the property. Then I moved the business to the Forbes Farm and began my operation there. I kept my business name and phone number unchanged. I live and work on the farm from April 15th to November 1st. I close the marina for the winter and go to my home in Ft. Meyers, Florida.